World Third woman accuses New York governor Andrew Cuomo

Third woman accuses New York governor Andrew Cuomo


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New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. – zz / Dennis Van Tine / STAR MAX / IPx / AP / SIPA

Will the powerful governor of New York State be forced to resign? More than three years after #MeToo, pressure is mounting after a third woman accused Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. For a week, the situation has been getting worse day by day for this 63-year-old governor, son of a governor, former minister of Bill Clinton’s government and friend of Joe Biden, who became a star in the management of the pandemic in 2020, at the point that some urged him to run for the White House.

Ex-economic advisor Lindsey Boylan, 36, said on Wednesday the governor had unsolicited her kiss on the mouth and suggested she play strip poker with him when she was working. with him between 2015 and 2018. Saturday, another ex-collaborator, Charlotte Bennett, 25, indicated that the governor had made advances to her that had made her “uncomfortable” in the spring of 2020. And, Monday In the evening, 33-year-old Anna Ruch, who had never worked with him, told the New York Times that he had “shocked” her by wanting to kiss her against her will at a wedding in 2019. The newspaper published a photo showing the governor holding the cheeks Anna Ruch, visibly frightened.

The leadership of the Democratic Party does not let go … yet

His accusers are asking for his resignation, like a growing number of elected New Yorkers, Republicans but also Democrats like him. As a sign of the weakening of the governor, state parliamentarians agreed on Tuesday to withdraw the special powers they had granted him a year ago, at the start of the pandemic, allowing him to impose measures of quarantine and confinement. These prerogatives expired in April.

Despite his setbacks, this governor among the most powerful in the United States, who has led New York State for ten years and whose third term expires at the end of 2022, is not the type to declare himself defeated. Especially since the big bosses of the Democratic Party, in New York or Washington have not joined in the calls for resignation. While deeming the accusations against the governor “disturbing”, the Democratic leader of the US Senate Chuck Schumer has, like others, called to await the results of the investigation planned into these allegations.

An investigation launched

Andrew Cuomo, a former prosecutor, eventually agreed to hand her over to state prosecutor Letitia James, who is undisputedly independent. The duration of the investigation was not specified. To force Andrew Cuomo to resign, the New York parliament would be required to initiate impeachment proceedings against him similar to those that exist at the federal level to remove a president. However, this scenario seems improbable, while the polarization is now very important.

“If this scandal had erupted a few years ago, the Democrats would have no choice but to call for the resignation of Cuomo,” also said Michelle Goldberg, columnist at the New York Times. But after the protests that followed George Floyd’s death in May 2020, she says, “the culture war has shifted to racial issues.” However, even if he escapes a resignation or impeachment, many believe that Andrew Cuomo’s political career is still almost over.



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