Economy Tips for writing a cover letter for an internship

Tips for writing a cover letter for an internship


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In order to put all the chances on your side to land an internship, a cover letter is essential. – IStock / City Presse

Doing an internship means getting to grips with a profession “for real”. But these are also steps to be taken. To find one, it is indeed necessary to canvass. You start by developing your CV before embarking on writing a cover letter. But where to start? What are the essential elements to remember?

Formality and contact

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down your contact details at the top left: last name, first name, address, telephone number, B permit if you have it and year of birth. Under this first paragraph, go down a few lines and write, on the right, the name of the recipient of the letter.

An internship request can be sent to human resources directors (HRD) or directly to team managers. A word of advice: it is best to contact the company directly to find out who to send your request to. Then date the letter, specifying the city in which you are located. Do not forget the object of your approach, namely an internship request, which is more practical for the recipient.

Know how to sell

The objective is above all to find the right arguments to put forward and, above all, to personalize your cover letter with a good catchphrase. Start by introducing yourself, detailing your background and specifying whether your application is spontaneous or if your internship is approved. Its duration is also to be specified, because companies must legally compensate an intern after two months of presence on their premises.

To apply, you will need to explain to the company why you are choosing them. It is therefore essential to find out beforehand about the establishment, its field of activity and its missions. Finally, find the right adjectives that might match you. Rigorous? Organized? Sociable? Employers will want to know your strengths.

Putting your strengths forward

Also, don’t forget to specify which skills you would like to develop within the company. Because, despite their young age, many interns have already done odd summer jobs or internships abroad. It is therefore necessary to develop his experiences which could be closer to the missions of the company. Be enthusiastic and prove, through these examples, your flexibility and your openness.

After these formalities, you can suggest to the recipient to meet him, without forgetting to thank him for the attention which will be brought to the request and, finally, to sign.



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