Economy To get by, small businesses rely in particular on...

To get by, small businesses rely in particular on a shared bicycle delivery service.


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Audrey Lucchinacci (3rd from the right) hopes to “cushion the shock” of the reconfinement by pooling deliveries to Marseille. – FC13

Building on the experience of the first confinement, a number of “non-essential” businesses having an obligation to lower the curtain in Marseille have turned to “click and collect” or home delivery. In both cases, some brands must seriously adapt and take the turn of digitalization to facilitate online sales. But you still need to have the skills, or the means, to find them.

For two and a half years, the Commerce en 13 Federation has been thinking about digital development for its 6,500 members. “It goes without saying that there is no solution that corresponds to all traders, explains Audrey Lucchinacci, president of the structure. This is why we have created Shopinsud, an aggregator of solutions. »Which offers digitalization support tools, loyalty systems, website creation tools and… a soft mobility delivery solution.

A cost halved for the trade

The latter is called Coop Synchro, a shared bicycle delivery service. “We realized that several companies – Tout en Vélo, Mistral, Rex… – had the same job, offered the same prices and were opposed to any type of uberization, its deliverers having indefinite contracts, details the president, moreover. patroness of a Jeff de Bruges store in Saint-Barnabé (12th arrondissement). We federated them through the start-up Synchronicity, and set up a standard. ” And after that ? It’s very simple: the merchant with a product to deliver calls this switchboard (09 73 03 06 08) which passes on the request to the delivery companies. The first to answer takes care of the race.

The advantage for the trader? The process is simple, and inexpensive. “It works with a ticket system that the Federation pre-purchases in large numbers. Instead of paying 8 euros for a race, it comes to 4.50 euros, almost half less, ”continues Audrey Lucchinacci. An innovation that would make it possible to face this economic downturn. “Among merchants, the turnover of online sales was 10%. Today it is around 30%. This does not save everything, but helps cushion the shock. And we hope to reach 40% when preparing for the Christmas holidays. The brake, until now, was delivery… ”This should no longer be the case.



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