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To take advantage of the leave granted to young spouses, a couple gets married … four times


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They had a lot of ideas to maximize their honeymoon. In Taiwan, a couple got married… four times in a little over a month in order to make the most of the leave granted to the newlyweds. The Taipei General Directorate of Labor on Wednesday confirmed these facts which happened last year, pointing out that some citizens will stop at nothing to make the most of certain benefits.

Taiwanese companies are indeed legally obliged to offer eight days of paid leave to newlyweds.

Four marriages, three divorces

According to authorities, the man, a bank employee, requested 32 days of leave using this subterfuge. Over a period of 37 days, he and his wife were married four times and divorced three times, claiming eight days for each of their nuptials.

The bank refused his request and the employee appealed to the Taipei General Directorate of Labor, which initially fined his employer 20,000 Taiwan dollars (590 euros) for violating leave regulations. Legally, there is no limit on how often an employee can request marriage leave. For its part, the bank, which was prepared to offer only eight days of vacation, estimated that the man had “taken advantage” of the law.

The fine against the employer canceled

The case sparked strong reactions on social media against the employee. Last week, the labor directorate finally overturned the fine imposed on the bank and “admitted an error” in a statement.

But the employee, who has since left the bank, still called the labor department to complain about the 24 days off his former employer still hasn’t given him, an official said on condition of anonymity.



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