Economy Tree rental, how does it work?

Tree rental, how does it work?


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For a responsible Christmas that respects the cycle of nature, you can choose to hire a potted tree. – IStock/ City Presse

A few weeks before Christmas, it is often the dilemma to choose your tree. It is not always easy to find the perfect tree, especially when you want to combine aesthetics and ethics.

For those who cannot do without this traditional symbol but take the future of the planet to heart, a solution exists: the rental of a tree.

My beautiful tree … natural

Even if it has its advantages, the artificial plastic tree will never be worth a living tree diffusing a pine scent throughout the room. Some choose it cut, others prefer it in a pot with its roots. If the French are very fond of natural conifers, they would throw away nearly five million each year.

To encourage more responsible consumption, some companies like Treezmas (by Botanic) or Ecosapin offer to rent a Christmas tree during the holidays and to replant it afterwards. Advantage of this solution, especially for those who do not have a garden or a large apartment: you have a tree which will continue to grow and which should not die at the bottom of a trash can.

A booming concept

If this offer has existed for a few years already in the United States, Australia or Mexico, the rental of fir was until then most often offered to companies. But the idea is attracting more and more individuals. By offering to “adopt” a tree for a few weeks, these companies are part of an eco-responsible approach. The adopted specimens are collected in January, to be reintroduced in their natural element. This allows them to be reused from one year to the next. Families can choose to find their tree that has grown from one year to the next. Be careful in this case to take it small from the start, at the risk of not being able to fit it into the room. When it has reached ripe age (around 7 years) and can no longer be marketed, the tree is then permanently planted, thus reforesting green spaces. If it does not survive, the conifer will be recycled, in the form of wood chips, compost or even biogas.

For ethical reasons, these young fir adoption companies adhere to certain values: in order to fight against intensive cultivation and massive cutting down of single-use trees, fir trees are offered in pots, with their roots. Their growth, especially if done without pesticides and on French or European soil, contributes to the absorption of CO2.

How to adopt this Christmas companion?

Several companies offer online rentals. You must fill out a questionnaire, in which you specify your choices: size and species of the tree, type of recycling chosen, color of the pot, optional decorations… You will mainly have the choice between two varieties: spruce and Nordmann. Size level, specimens of approximately 90 to 200 cm are available. Softwood can also be delivered with accessories, a maintenance guide and practical advice.

After defining its characteristics, you decide on a date when you want to receive it. After the holidays, we come directly to pick it up from you. A concept that comes at a cost. The price of renting a potted tree runs between 60 and 110 euros – including services – while the average cost of a cut tree is around 30 euros.

How to take care of a potted tree?

It is recommended that host families water the base of the conifer a little every day, or abundantly once a week. Also, be careful not to overheat the room (the tree weakens beyond 18-20 ° C) and to keep it away from heat sources (radiator, fireplace).



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