World Two Polish skiers killed in avalanche, third man rescued

Two Polish skiers killed in avalanche, third man rescued


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648x415 illustration avalanche

Illustration of an avalanche. – Geoffrey Robinson / Rex Features / sipa

Two Polish skiers were killed on Saturday in an avalanche in Slovakia. The drama took place in the High Tatras, mountains of the Tatra Mountains, on the border of Slovakia and Poland.

In the evening, three skiers were caught in this avalanche near Mount Kondratova Kopa, emergency services said on Sunday. This summit rises to 2,005 m above sea level and heavy snowfall had occurred in the region the previous days.

The survivor found by the Polish rescue services

“One of them managed to escape and contacted the emergency services who began the search on skis and snowmobiles,” said the Slovak mountain rescue service in a statement. “They found two bodies of Polish skiers”. The survivor who had made an emergency call for help was found by a Polish rescue team.

“It had also been covered by snow but was able to free itself,” the statement explains. He then tried to find his friends with an avalanche victim detector, but without success. Tourists and skiers flocked to ski resorts around Zakopane (Poland) this weekend after anti-Covid restrictions were eased.



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