World Two undercover agents shot dead by police during anti-drug...

Two undercover agents shot dead by police during anti-drug operation


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Police (illustration). – Olivier CORET / SIPA

Two Philippine National Police officers operating undercover were shot dead by other law enforcement officials during a drug seizure on Wednesday evening. A shootout broke out in Quezon City (Philippines) between officers of the Narcotics Squad (PDEA) and traffickers just after a transaction, reports CNN. The police had discovered that their colleagues were among the thugs.

The shootout took place in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant located in a shopping mall. He also left three injured in the ranks of the PDEA. The latter were hospitalized. The exact circumstances of the shooting and the death of the police remain unclear for the time being. PDEA spokesman Derrick Carreon said officers from that division were on site as part of an official operation.

Determine the circumstances of the accident

An investigation was jointly carried out by the national police and the PDEA. It aims to “get the truth behind the scenes of the incident, […] determine what happened and identify those who should be held responsible, ”explained Brigadier General Ildebrandi Usana, spokesperson for the national police.

The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation will also try to shed light on the facts that led to the two deaths. These events, “although serious, will in no way tarnish the uninterrupted operational relations and coordination which have only strengthened over time in the fight against illegal narcotics”, assured Ildebrandi Usana.



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