WorldUnable to reopen, the Europa Park leisure park lets...

Unable to reopen, the Europa Park leisure park lets its ice sculptures melt


648x415 exposition scupltures glace europa park

The exhibition of ice sculptures at Europa Park. – Europa Park

  • Europa Park, which was to reopen its doors last weekend, remained closed.
  • The leisure park offered for this event but also to celebrate its 45th anniversary a large exhibition of ice sculptures by 50 international artists.
  • Unable to reopen its doors because of the health crisis, the park is no longer able to keep its works and has decided to let the exhibition melt, thus swallowing up several hundred thousand euros.

It’s a “colossal job that visitors won’t benefit from,” laments the Mack family, owners of the Europa Park amusement park in Germany. An “institution” for many Alsatians and its two million visitors each year and several times crowned “best leisure park in the world”.

Until recently, the theme park had hoped to be open for Easter, and one of the main attractions had to be the large ice sculpture exhibition retracing its 45-year history. A “spectacular landscape” frosted at minus 8 degrees, installed in December and which was to be seen by more than 500,000 visitors during the winter season.

Several hundred thousand euros

Only here, the coronavirus has been there and Europa Park, which was to reopen its doors last weekend, remained closed. As a result, the large exhibition can no longer be kept, indicates the theme park in a press release. Too bad, visitors could have discovered the 30 sculptures, including one 5 meters high.

A team of 50 international artists had shaped the blocks of ice and snow for more than six weeks. In total, 200 tonnes of ice were used. “Cooling the exhibit comes at a high cost and it can’t go on any longer. The electricity has therefore been cut off and the sculptures are melting, ”explains the park, which has invested several hundred thousand euros in the construction and maintenance of this exhibition.

“It’s a sad symbol of the current situation,” explains Roland Mack, owner of the park. Last year, we implemented a comprehensive safety and health protocol, including digital queue management, which cost millions… Despite these effective measures, the family business does not succeed. sees no prospect. Hope melts like ice in the sun. “



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