Economy User support technician, storekeeper, new generation disinfector… What jobs...

User support technician, storekeeper, new generation disinfector… What jobs have been successful since the health crisis?


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648x415 metiers logistique boostes crise coronavirus

Logistics professions have been boosted by the coronavirus crisis. – pixabay

  • The coronavirus crisis has forced companies to reorganize themselves, which has generated new recruitment needs and the highlighting of certain professions.
  • Changes in consumption patterns and the situation in hospitals have also boosted certain professions.

Admittedly, the job market has not been the most flourishing in recent months. But some profiles are doing very well. And for good reason: “The French economy has undergone a huge upheaval with the Covid-19 crisis. Companies have fully entered the digital revolution, which is transforming both existing professions and companies’ future recruitment needs, ”notes Stéphanie Delestre, president of Qapa, a temporary recruitment platform.

The fact that 23% of employees teleworked in November, 15% in October and 25% in March and April necessarily required specific skills to support them: “The function of user support technician has exploded. Because all employees working remotely have had recourse to this professional, responsible for installing computer equipment, resolving breakdowns, helping in the use of new collaborative tools, etc. ”, says Fabien Triaire, associate director at Robert Walters interim management. Other big winners: developers, “who must offer home office innovations to facilitate teleworking,” notes Stéphanie Delestre. IT security managers are also in great demand: “Because in recent months, many companies have been the target of hackers. This requires cyber-resilience audits and the resulting actions, ”says Fabien Triaire. Finally, those responsible digital workplace are increasingly requested by recruiters from large companies: “Their missions consist in setting up collaborative solutions to allow employees to work remotely: applications, corporate social network …”, informs Fabien Triaire. And even if teleworking risks to decrease a little at the end of the health crisis, these jobs will always be in demand.

The e-commerce revolution sweeps over jobs

Another consequence of the health crisis on the job market: with the closure of businesses during lockdowns, online sales have been boosted. What trickled down a string of trades. “E-commerce managers, who define the online sales strategy, are in great demand,” observes Fabien Triaire. And with the influx of orders, it is more than ever essential to satisfy customers: “Hence the search for customer relations managers, responsible for building loyalty, organizing commercial events, coordinating the launch of new products, etc. », Explains Pierre Lamblin, director of studies and research of the Association for the employment of executives (Apec).

Logistics professions have also exploded. “Logistics managers, responsible for defining a company’s strategy in this area (transport, storage, distribution of products) are very popular,” says Pierre Lamblin. “Just like the forklift operators driving the machines used to move goods, order pickers, warehouse workers and truck drivers,” observes Flavien Chantrel, research manager at RégionsJob. According to figures from Pole emploi issued to 20 Minutes, 41,450 job offers for storekeepers and order pickers, and 36,664 offers for truck drivers, were thus recorded in the third quarter of 2020. And in industrial companies, “production operators and industrial maintenance technicians are very popular”, continues Flavien Chantrel.

It is far from being a flash in the pan …

Moreover, who says overwhelmed hospitals, says need for support. In the medical sector too, some professionals are snapping up. First of all the nurses. “The number of job offers for nursing executives has increased significantly over the past year,” says Pierre Lamblin. Certain functions have also emerged with the health crisis: “Like assistant nurses at telemedicine terminals, who help patients requesting teleconsultation,” explains Stéphanie Delestre. Hygiene rules in companies or public places also need new professionals. “This explains the emergence of the profession of new generation disinfector. Because these cleaning agents control consoles that clean offices, for example, ”notes Stéphanie Delestre.

In the end, all these professions do not only meet the cyclical needs of the economy and are not at risk of collapsing after the coronavirus crisis. “Because they respond to underlying trends and to changes in the way businesses and society operate,” emphasizes Pierre Lamblin.



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