World Vaccination in Spain: Galicia introduces a fine for those...

Vaccination in Spain: Galicia introduces a fine for those who refuse the anti-Covid-19 vaccine


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648x415 lors vaccination espagne janvier archives

During a vaccination in Spain, in January. (archives) – Emilio Morenatti / AP / SIPA

You don’t have to be vaccinated, but it looks like it. The Spanish region of Galicia (north-west) has decided to impose a fine on those who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to West France, the fine could range from 1,000 to 60,000 euros. This initiative is a first in Spain, as the central socialist government has based its vaccination campaign on voluntary service. Galicia, led by the main opposition party, the Popular Party (conservative right), therefore sees things differently.

“We consider the Galicians as permanent suspects”, believes the regional opposition, led by the Galician Nationalist Bloc (left). The Socialists do not see why disrupt a vaccination campaign which is going well so far. That is to say, the idea for this fine was born in November, when polls showed that only 40% of Spaniards were willing to be vaccinated. Today, 80% are according to the polls.

Regional opposition parties hope that the decision of the Galician government will be overturned by the Spanish Supreme Court. But there is little hope, according to a professor of constitutional law interviewed by West France, Federico de Montalvo: “In this case, what I understand is that there is no obligation to be vaccinated. Only, in the event of refusal, one incurs a fine. It is like during a motorway control, if you do not present your driving license, you have a penalty. Subtle, then.



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