Economy Video games to improve the productivity of warehouse workers

Video games to improve the productivity of warehouse workers


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An Amazon warehouse. (drawing) – Hasan Bratic/SIPA

Amazon is ramping up the development of its warehouse video game program aimed at improving employee productivity. The project called “FC Game” was launched by the e-commerce giant in 2017 in one of its storage sites. It was recently extended to the company’s hangars located in at least 20 states of the United States, reports The Information​, relayed by The Verge.

The system consists of installing arcade games on the devices and machines used by employees, who can play them while performing some of their usual tasks. For example, one of the games puts employees behind the wheel of a virtual racing car on a circuit, the Washington Post in May 2019. The latter advances as handlers collect packages from real shelves.

Break the routine and… surveillance?

The warehouses thus equipped offer up to six different games. These allow you to win virtual pets and even electronic products at certain times of the year. Employees are not required to argue games. They can also play anonymously and select only certain games.

“Employees told us they appreciated the opportunity to play from their workstations,” said an Amazon spokesperson. Employees have nevertheless expressed their fears that this process will serve as a pretext for monitoring the speed and quality of their work. Others considered that the games made it possible to break the routine of repetitive gestures that characterize the activity of warehouse workers.



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