World Vladimir Putin was vaccinated against the coronavirus far from...

Vladimir Putin was vaccinated against the coronavirus far from the cameras


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648x415 vaccination en russie vladimir poutine s est fait vacciner contre le coronavirus loin des cameras

Vaccination in Russia: Vladimir Putin was vaccinated against the coronavirus far from the cameras (Illustration) – Alexei Druzhinin / AP / SIPA

For their vaccine, we saw Olivier Véran drop his shirt, Jean Castex raise his sleeve, what about Vladimir Poutine? Well, this time, we will not have an image of the Russian president, who was vaccinated against Covid-19. The event has remained private, its spokesperson said, as Russia seeks to step up its vaccination campaign.

“Putin was vaccinated against the coronavirus. He feels good. Tomorrow he will have a full working day, ”said Dmitry Peskov, quoted by the Ria-Novosti news agency. The latter did not specify which vaccine, among the three developed by his country, had received Vladimir Putin.

“We’ll have to take our word for it”

Earlier today, Dmitry Peskov made it clear that this highly anticipated vaccination would take place away from the spotlight. “We will not show (it), we will have to take our word for it,” he said, adding that the Russian president did not like to be vaccinated “under the watchful eye of the cameras”.

Vladimir Putin had promised Monday to be vaccinated the next day, an announcement long awaited when he had already made a promise to this effect in December, when his country launched the vaccination campaign of its population.

Many leaders around the world have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, including US President Joe Biden, Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II. Some officials did it in front of the cameras to encourage their fellow citizens to do so.

Russians suspicious of vaccines

Despite the proclaimed success of its Sputnik V vaccine, with a lot of public propaganda and approved in 56 countries, Russia is struggling to vaccinate its population, a large part of which remains suspicious.

So far, only 4 million Russians have received the two injections of the vaccine and another 2 million the first dose. That is only 4% of the Russian population, far from the rate posted in the United States or the United Kingdom.

According to a poll published in early March by the independent Levada center, nearly two-thirds of Russians believe that Covid-19 is a man-made “biological weapon”, and 62% of those questioned are unwilling to do so. vaccinate.



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