World Wanted for twenty-one years because of an unrecorded VHS...

Wanted for twenty-one years because of an unrecorded VHS tape


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Illustration of a VHS tape in a VCR – SIERAKOWSKI / ISOPIX / SIPA

A 52-year-old American woman was surprised to discover that she had been the subject of an arrest warrant for “misappropriation of rented property”, since 2000. At issue: a VHS tape of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch rented from a video store in Norman (Oklahoma), which she would never have returned.

She realized this when she wanted to renew her driver’s license, reports the Huffington Post. She indeed received an unexpected response to her email: “I was told that it was not possible, because I had a problem. [judiciaire] in Oklahoma ”. The 50-year-old then called the county prosecutor.

She assures that the tape did not belong to her

When she learned the reason for the lawsuit, the American initially thought it was a joke. Finally, Cleveland County just announced in mid-April that the charges had been dropped. But it seems that the 50-year-old has been fired from several jobs because of this criminal record that she was unaware of.

She also claims that this tape did not belong to her and that she had never watched this TV movie. “This is not my cup of tea,” assured the questioner.



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