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“We have become accustomed to living differently” … The possible return to the office does not thrill teleworking employees


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Empty offices in Paris. – Xavier Francolon / SIPA

  • The government is starting to think about a possible relaxation of the health protocol.
  • Teleworking, erected as an “obligation”, could evolve depending on health conditions.
  • The testimonies collected by 20 Minutes show that this new way of working is very popular.

While remaining extremely cautious in view of the health situation linked to the coronavirus, the government is already looking into the future evolution of protocols in companies. And in particular on the obligation of teleworking. On Monday, a videoconference also allowed the social partners to exchange their views with the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne.

Even if there are still many questions to be resolved, as we explained to you here, we wanted to know your feeling on a possible gradual return to the office. And the testimonials received by 20 Minutes are drawing a clear trend: teleworking enjoys a good popularity rating, when the office is still viewed with great suspicion.

“We have become accustomed to living differently”

This is the meaning of Floriane’s testimony. “I really appreciate this extra time thanks to the telecommuting. In the morning, I can sleep more. In the evening, I have time for myself at home ”. She continues: “I am very apprehensive of a return to normalcy, I hope that my company will not ask me to come back full time”.

“Coming back to the site would bring nothing more to my field,” assures Benoît, who works in IT. I got used to not wasting any more time in transport. A possible relaxation of the rules concerning teleworking does not delight me at all ”. “I would never want to go back to my office,” adds Marie. We are used to living differently now ”.

“The virus is still circulating”

Beyond this new way of life experienced by many employees, it is also the health issue that slows down the desire to return to the company. “Many colleagues present in the open space where I usually work do not wear the mask correctly or take it off at their post,” Camille annoys. I don’t feel safe going back to work on site while the virus is still circulating ”.

Same fear on Patricia’s side: “Despite good practices and barrier gestures, there have been cases of Covid-19 within my company. I have fragile people around me, and I don’t want to endanger them by going to expose myself to the office ”. Céline criticizes for her part the timing chosen by the executive to raise the issue of relief: “While the contamination figures are still high, lightening the teleworking system would seem totally incoherent to me”.

The choice for employees?

Despite all these criticisms, some still have a certain nostalgia for the office atmosphere. “Of course, I would be happy to see my colleagues more regularly and to re-establish a team bond which unfortunately disappeared with teleworking”, notes Blandine. “I hate exchanges by interposed screens, assures him Pierre. I really want to come back face to face ”. And for Florent, the whole stake for companies will be to “leave the choice to the employees” to return or not full time.

At the very latest score, according to an interactive Harris poll conducted for the Ministry of Labor, 43% of workers worked at least partially from home during the week of April 12 to 18.



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