Economy What are the aids to which you can subscribe?

What are the aids to which you can subscribe?


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Several measures allow the most precarious households to go on vacation at a lower cost. – IStock / City Presse

Taking a vacation is not within the reach of all budgets. And for many penniless French people, the classic stay in the mountains or by the sea is an unattainable dream. Fortunately, various programs make it possible to support the most vulnerable populations.

CAF supports families

If the family allowance funds support households with modest incomes on a daily basis, they do not forget them either when it is time to go on a trip. This is the purpose of the dedicated Vacaf system, which makes it possible to finance 50% of the stay as part of the assistance for family vacations (AVF) and up to 90% for the most precarious households thanks to the assistance social holidays (AVS). Families can also take advantage of recreation centers at low cost through national (Aven) and local (Avel) children’s holiday aid.

To benefit from one of these nudges, it is necessary to respect a certain ceiling of the family quotient which varies from one CAF to another. In 2020, this threshold was for example set at 600 euros in Yvelines, against 800 euros in Hérault. As a result, the first beneficiaries can receive 450 euros under the AVF, while the envelope reaches 800 euros in the second department. Note that your CAF automatically informs you of your rights at the start of the year. It is then up to you to choose an eligible stay on the official website.

ANCV supports young people

Although the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers (ANCV) is mainly known for these vouchers made available to employees in certain companies, this organization also manages social assistance schemes. As long as you go through a local authority or a partner association, you may be eligible for the solidarity holiday grant, which allows you to obtain stays of one week at a reduced rate (from – 50% to – 70% compared to the public price). All precarious homes are targeted here.

Because nearly half of students and young workers cannot afford a breath of fresh air, the ANCV also launched its “Departure 6:25 pm” program in 2014. Subject to have a tax income of less than 17,280 euros or have a specific status (apprenticeship, subsidized contract, second chance school, civic service, etc.), 18-25 year olds have access to more than 600 destinations at a lower cost, and to financial assistance capped at 150 euros. Some 25,000 people have been able to go on vacation since the start of the operation. Test your eligibility and view travel deals on

Breaking the isolation of seniors

While retirement should be a way to enjoy life and travel, unfortunately this is not always possible. Here again, the ANCV offers a specific system allowing non-taxable retirees to benefit from all-inclusive stays at preferential rates. The Seniors on Vacation program even includes intergenerational offers so that older people can go with young people under the age of 18. More than 200 destinations are possible. You want to register ? Go to or call 0969 320 616 (number not surcharged). Also remember to contact your pension fund, which can sometimes supplement the help of the ANCV.

Finally, some associations such as the Little Brothers of the Poor offer their own organized stays in holiday homes.

A gesture from the SNCF

Transportation can also be expensive. To reduce the bill, you can take advantage of the “annual leave ticket” from SNCF. This system allows all workers, job seekers or retirees, but also their spouse and children traveling with them, to take the train at reduced prices once a year. The reduction is 25% of the ticket price for a journey of at least 200 km and reaches 50% for a journey started in the blue period or partly paid for with holiday vouchers. To do this, you must fill out the appropriate form and have the necessary certificate signed by your employer or Pôle Emploi, then drop everything off at the station twenty-four hours before your departure.



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