Economy What are the insurance rules for a motorized two-wheeler?

What are the insurance rules for a motorized two-wheeler?


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Practical in traffic jams, less expensive than cars, motorized two-wheelers are popular with the French; According to the Car Park survey carried out in 2019 by Kantar TNS, there are nearly 2.9 million motorcycles and scooters on the national territory. Mopeds (less than 50 cm3) remain in the minority, since 8 out of 10 vehicles are motorcycles. Do you dream of joining the biker community? You will first have to go through the insurance box.

No offense to those who hoped to escape the constraints, motorized two-wheelers obey essentially the same rules as cars. At the top of the list, the law obliges to insure all land motor vehicles. The spectrum, very wide, covers both 50 cm3 scooters and big sports cars, including trials and trikes. It also applies to motocross, pocket bikes and quads reserved for non-urban use. It even extends to vehicles that are not moving, whether they remain parked for a long time or stored in a garage.

What insurance is compulsory?

Like the rules applicable to cars, liability coverage is compulsory for any motorized two-wheeler. It protects other users, including possible motorcycle passengers, in the event of an accident and allows them to be compensated for physical and material damage. However, this third party insurance does not cover the rider himself and is therefore insufficient. A minima, it is essential to take out a driver’s guarantee, in order to be able to benefit from the coverage of any medical costs in the event of an accident at fault or in which no person responsible has been appointed.

What are the optional guarantees?

Beyond these essential insurances, there is a multitude of optional coverages meeting the specific needs of motorcyclists. Damage and collision, fire and theft, helmet, cover for added accessories such as top case, deterioration of protective equipment, broken optics or even bad weather can protect your machine against the dangers that threaten it. But beware, the bill climbs quickly.

To limit the bill, you must therefore ask yourself about the use you plan to make of your motorcycle. Faced with the variability and complexity of contracts, list all the relevant questions to ask the future insurer and do not forget to check the amount of the deductibles.

How is the insurance premium calculated?

Beyond the very type of cover chosen, two factors come into consideration: the two-wheeler and the pilot. The power, displacement and year of manufacture of the machine place it in a certain category of “risk code”, indicating its potential for accidents. The driver will be classified according to his age, his family situation, his place of residence and his possible antecedents related to the license A (motorcycle), or even B (car). Other elements can also increase or decrease the amount of your contributions, such as where your motorcycle is parked (protected or not), but also your use, daily or occasional.

Companies often offer discounts for combined auto and motorcycle insurance, if you agree not to drive in the winter or not to take a regular passenger.

Market trends

The online comparator looked at the two-wheeler insurance market. Out of more than one million quotes analyzed between 2019 and 2021, 65% of requests concerned motorcycle coverage, compared to 35% for a scooter. Unsurprisingly, it is in the large congested agglomerations that the requests are the most numerous, like Marseille, Paris, Lille, Lyon and Nanterre.

On the user side, the typical profile of the biker is that of a man between 18 and 25 years old, while the scooter is preferred by the 26-35 year olds. Women represent only 10% of all two-wheeler drivers in France. As for bad drivers, they represent only 7% of pilots, which is half as much as for the fleet (14%). Finally, the average insurance premium recorded at in 2021 amounts to 562 euros per year.



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