World What are the main exporting countries in the world?

What are the main exporting countries in the world?


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A Russian Army T-72B3 tank. – Yuri Smityuk

In 2020, it represented the monster sum of 1.830 billion dollars (1.536 billion euros). However, the international arms trade has stabilized over the last four years, from 2016 to 2020, compared to the period 2011-2015, recently reported Sipri, the Stockholm-based International Peace Research Institute.

Who, in this still buoyant market, holds the upper hand? And who is losing influence? If the United States, Germany and France have seen their exports grow, the Russians and Chinese appear to be in decline. And the Middle East is the biggest buyer of these kinds of goods. To know the top 8 of the main sellers, again according to Sipri data, our partner, Statista, has concocted this infographic:




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