EconomyWhat does wage portage consist of?

What does wage portage consist of?


Wage portage is a legal invention that combines the independence of the entrepreneur and the ease of management of the employee. In the eyes of the law, the port is in fact employed by a porting company as part of a CDD or CDI. But in practice, he is the only one in charge of his client portfolio.

An ambivalent status

For its part, the porterage company offers a secure environment. It validates and signs all the contracts that the latter enters into with its clients. It is also she who invoices the latter and who pays the monthly salary to the port on an “activity account” provided for this purpose, at least when he has performed services. Each month, it must also inform him of the billing details: payment made by the customer, management fees, professional fees, social and tax deductions, net remuneration and amount of the business contribution allowance.

This administrative support can also be combined with various support services to help the wearer develop their activity. But, be careful, he still exercises his activity like any self-employed person by searching alone for his missions and his clients and by freely setting his prices, within the limits of certain ceilings determined by law.

Delicate profitability

This status has one drawback: remuneration, in other words the turnover achieved by the portage which is converted into salary by the portage company. Indeed, in addition to the commission charged by the latter – between 5 and 15% on each billing – the port must bear employee and employer contributions. And this, even if in the legal sense the umbrella company is his employer.

In practice, the worn affects approximately 50% of the amount of the service that it invoiced to its client. It is therefore better that the activity be launched very quickly or that it only constitutes an additional income to supplement the end of the month.

Various profiles

It is for this reason that wage portage attracts above all workers who wish to test an activity. This form of employment is used in particular by executives, engineers and project managers as an alternative to self-employment, before founding their own service company as a consultant. The privileged areas of this sector are in fact the web trades and intellectual services (communication, marketing, accounting, human resources, etc.).

It is also a solution for seniors who have difficulty finding work, but also for young graduates who aspire to more independence. Freed from administrative tasks, the scope can focus on the development of its activity in order to assess whether it is profitable and sustainable. In the event of failure, he is content to end the carry instead of filing for bankruptcy. In full development for several years, wage portage is a working method chosen by nearly 90,000 consultants in France, according to available estimates.



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