Economy What financial aid for residents?

What financial aid for residents?


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Prior information, subsidy for soundproofing work or even assistance with resale are all support measures for residents living near an airport. – IStock / City Presse

According to official statistics, 1.2 million people currently live in the noise exposure zone of the largest French airports. The prices, often lower, are a good argument to convince buyers …

Faced with the daily nuisances caused by air traffic, prior information to future buyers is obviously the best remedy, while once there, it is by dint of sound insulation that we can afford a little tranquility.

Listen to it twice before settling in

Better to think twice before buying your future home near an air corridor. In order not to regret your decision, the first reflex to have is to consult the Aerodrome noise exposure plan (PEB) available on You will be able to know the noise level of the neighborhood. Since June 1, 2020, the law also requires that this information be provided to future tenants and owners.

Nevertheless, the appreciation of a noise remains subjective. A field survey is therefore essential to get your own idea of ​​the importance of the nuisances. Ask the neighborhood, find out about the frequency of flights and the type of traffic and make your housing visits at strategic times.

Soundproofing aid

Has a house caught your eye near an airport? Before making your decision, consult the Sound Annoyance Plan (PGS) to find out if you can benefit from financial assistance to soundproof your future home. But beware, only a dozen of the most important airports in France (including Bordeaux-Mérignac, Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, Marseille-Provence, Nantes-Atlantique or even Paris Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris-Orly) are subject to this regulation. specific, which requires them to subsidize the work of local residents.

The financial envelope here depends on the type of housing concerned as well as the degree of nuisance: very high noise level (zone 1), high (zone 2) or low (zone 3). The aid can reach up to 5,000 euros for soundproofing the roof of an individual residence, while the amount varies between 2,900 and 3,500 euros for rooms in the house. With the exception of the kitchen, which is subject to a specific scale (between 1,075 and 1,850 euros). For an apartment, count between 1,000 and 2,000 euros in compensation depending on the room and the area. Some 515,000 residents are eligible for these subsidies.

Patience and tenacity

To get your due, you have to go through a tedious process, since each stage of the work project must be validated upstream by the airport operator. It starts with the appropriate file to send back to him by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. In the event of a favorable response, you will have to have an acoustic study carried out and send its report and invoice by registered mail to obtain a refund.

Thanks to this diagnosis, you can then request a work estimate from the company of your choice, before sending it by registered mail to the operator. It is only once in possession of the agreement for the allocation of the aid that you will be able to launch the project within a maximum period of two years, knowing that the subsidy will be paid only after having sent all the invoices to the operator in a new registered.

Resale support

Political about-faces can have serious consequences, especially when the State announces the transfer of an airport to another site, before turning back years later, as was the case for Notre-Dame-des- Landes. For all residents who have pursued a real estate project in this interval, it’s a cold shower. New financial support then makes it possible to compensate for the devaluation caused by this turnaround.

Since April 21, 2021, owners can obtain resale aid if they have purchased, rebuilt or extended by more than 40 m2 a property within the established perimeter (moderate noise zone) during the period determined between l ‘concession agreement for the new aerodrome and the final decision to maintain the existing site. A right of abandonment has also been specifically put in place for residents of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Homeowners who have acquired, rebuilt or extended their home between December 31, 2010 and January 17, 2018 in an area of ​​strong noise can give formal notice to the State to acquire their property by 2026.



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