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Which news sites have the most paying subscribers around the world?


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Illustration of newspaper headlines. – kalhh

For the information sector, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a double-edged sword. On the one hand, decreases in income and the endangering of certain titles. On the other hand, an increased need for information for the public, and therefore increasing online audiences. If the economic model of information on the Internet is still under construction, several titles have developed, for many years, around paid formulas. With, as a result, large communities of subscribers. But in this little game, who is stronger?

Unsurprisingly, it is the North American titles that monopolize the first places: the New York Times and its 7.5 million digital subscribers are ahead of the Washington Post (3 million) and the Wall Street Journal(2.4 million). Follow other Americans, British or Japanese. And on the French side, it’s
The world that emerges. To know everything about this ranking *, just look at this infographic from our partner, Statista:


* Sources : FIPP, New York Times via Visual Capitalist



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