Economy With "Dossierfacile", the State labels rental files

With “Dossierfacile”, the State labels rental files


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A new public teleservice offers you the opportunity to put together your rental file in a supervised and certified manner. – IStock / City Presse

With digital, it is easy to make changes to a large number of documents, especially when we a little mastery of image editing software. From then on, proof of identity, income or even domicile which was previously sufficient to gain the trust of the interlocutor are examined with suspicion.

As the coin verification business booms, the state has jumped on the bandwagon to provide free services to individuals.

Secure data

We knew, the official platform for providing potential buyers with the history of their vehicle. For its part, the Public Treasury offers its own online service for the free verification of a tax notice on In the same idea, it is the turn of to appear on the Web, in order to calm relations between tenants and lessors.

Via this teleservice, applicants for housing are first of all guided in their procedures and can import the necessary supporting documents, and only these. Once the complete file is ready, we can send it, in order to respond as quickly as possible to an advertisement. Beyond the fact that the data is protected and deleted by default 30 days after the last connection, provides a guarantee of quality, since the downloaded documents undergo a battery of tests in order to certify their authenticity. What to prevent transforming a CDD into CDI or inflating his salary thanks to photo software. This is also the strong point put forward to owners, since rental files are thus labeled by the State.

The user manual is accessible by both parties:

  • On the tenant side: create your account and download the documents necessary for your housing application such as your identity card, proof of address, a tax notice, your resources, etc. The documents are then checked and you are informed of any corrections. to bring. Once the file is validated, it is labeled and ready to be sent.
  • Owner side: from your online account, you can send a link to the teleservice in order to ask rental applicants to submit their supporting documents. Only after being verified and certified by platform agents are records automatically added to your account for you to choose from.

This teleservice is also intended for managing real estate agencies by allowing them to receive only complete files.



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