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Accused of the murder of his wife, a man betrayed by the data of his health app


The suspect was betrayed by an application on his smartphone (illustration). – Pixabay

Jeff West, a resident of Calera in Alabama (United States) accused of the murder of his wife in 2018, has been betrayed by data collected by a health app. This information came to contradict the statements of the 47-year-old suspect, who had claimed that his wife had died accidentally and that he was sleeping at the time of his death, tells the local site

The man said he went to bed at 10:30 p.m. However, the mobile Health App, downloaded to his smartphone, indicated that Jeff West had taken 18 steps between 11:03 p.m. and 11:10 p.m. The elderly victim age 42 was using the same program. The latter had shown that she had not moved after 22 h 54. The suspect nevertheless said he was innocent and assured that his wife, alcoholic, had had a fatal fall. The jury, however, ruled that he had killed her by hitting her on the head with a bottle.

Sentenced to sixteen years in prison

The accused had been convicted of “manslaughter by negligence” in November 2020. The court met again on Monday February 8 to decide on the length of the sentence. Jeff West was sentenced to sixteen years in prison, from which will be deducted the three years he has already spent in prison. The 40-year-old said he was going to appeal.

“The jury felt it was a reckless act, but it was accompanied by intentional actions, whether it was moving the body, what [le suspect] declared to the police and at what moment he declared it, analyzed the prosecutor Daniel McBrayer. He said a 20-year prison sentence would have seemed more justified.



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