WorldCar drops 20 meters on highway, driver is unharmed

Car drops 20 meters on highway, driver is unharmed


The car accident took place at an interchange. – StockSnap / Pixabay

The driver of a pick-up survived a fall of more than 20 meters in his vehicle this Saturday morning in Milwaukee (United States). A surveillance camera filmed the impressive accident. The motorist emerged conscious and able to breathe, but was nevertheless taken to hospital, reports Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Local authorities did not provide further information on his state of health.

The city and the entire state of Wisconsin were hit by an intense cold snap. The images show the red car driving through the city zoo interchange and pulling off the road. She crashed into the concrete safety edge, over which she immediately passed. It then crashed below, in the middle of other vehicles driving on the I-94 freeway.

An ongoing investigation

The pick-up finally came to a stop on the emergency lane of the expressway. When help arrived, the driver was in the company of two people who had stopped to help him. An investigation has since been launched. The first elements gathered by the police indicated that the victim had lost control of his car and rolled over a pile of snow on the side of the road.

This served as a springboard for the pickup, propelling it past the rail present all along the elevated road. In December 2016, a motorist died in a similar accident in Milwaukee. In its fall, his pickup had overturned and touched the ground on the roof, which was not the case for the victim of this Saturday.



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