WorldHouthi rebel missile and two drones intercepted, government says

Houthi rebel missile and two drones intercepted, government says


A demonstration by Houthi rebels, at war with the Yemeni government and Saudi Arabia for ten years. – Hani Mohammed / AP / SIPA

Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday that it had intercepted a ballistic missile and two drones launched into its territory by the Houthi rebels from Yemen. The day before, rebel fire had targeted Saudi Abha airport.

According to Saudi forces, the drone was targeting the garrison town of Khamis Mushait, which houses a large air base in the south of the country. The device was destroyed before reaching its objective, said the spokesperson for the coalition, as quoted by the official Saudi press agency SPA. Hours later, a ballistic missile and another drone loaded with explosives were intercepted.

An international attack condemned

The attack on the airport the day before had set a commercial plane on fire. The Houthis said they targeted “military targets” they said were at the airport. The United States immediately urged the rebels to “immediately cease their aggressions”, after asking on Monday “the end of any new military offensive in Yemen”.

This attack was condemned on Thursday by Germany, the United Kingdom and France, who believe that it was committed in “violation of international law”. The Houthis, opposed to the Yemeni government and backed by Iran, have recently stepped up their attacks on Saudi Arabia, which supports Yemeni forces.

The United States recently removed the Houthi rebels from its list of terrorist organizations. At the same time, Washington has announced its intention to redouble its efforts to end this decade-old conflict. There has been recent fighting near Marib (Yemen) around a government military camp. They killed 38 people in total.



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