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Putin’s unusual promise to the president of Belarus, his strategic ally for an invasion of Ukraine

the president of BelarusAleksandr Lukashenko stated in an interview that Vladimir Putin he promised him the rank of colonel in the Russian army and added that the Russian president would be a general.

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Putin he is a colonel, and he promised to make me a colonel. He hasn’t done it yet.”, said in an interview Vladimir Soloviov, a Kremlin spokesman journalist.

“He promised, let him do it” launched the presenter, according to a video broadcast Sunday on a Telegram account linked to the Belarusian presidency.

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The journalist, laughing out loud, tries to question the veracity of the statements of Lukashenko, who persists in the idea, pointing out that Putin promised to make him a colonel in the “Russian army” or “the Soviet army”. To then say that the Russian president, a former KGB colonel, “would be appointed general.”

Lukashenko, whose regime is defended by the Kremlin, despite Minsk’s violent crackdown on a broad protest movement since 2020, often makes outlandish statements.

When the journalist told him that it was difficult for the president of an independent state to be an officer in the army of another country, Lukashenko He replied, “It’s my problem, not yours.”

Lukashenko, in front of Belarus since 1994, it has had a turbulent relationship with Moscow. Since autumn 2020, it is presented as the last shield of Russia against the West and has even promised to support it in its military campaign against Ukraine.


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