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United States: murdered her boyfriend because she wanted him to “stop talking” during an argument


“I wanted him to stop talking.” With this sentence, a 31-year-old woman justified that she murdered her partner during an argument at her house in her Minnesota, U.Sin March 2020.


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Stephanie Clark She will spend 25 years in effective prison despite the fact that her defense attorney showed evidence that she was physically and psychologically abused by her boyfriend Don Juan Butleran ex-con he met through a dating app, Fox News noted.

After maintaining cyber contact, Butler moved into Clark’s apartment in Maple Grove. However, as the woman’s attorney pointed out, she began a pattern of abusive and controlling behavior from that moment on.

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“Butler began to take control of every aspect of Ms. Clark’s life, including when she could leave, where she could go, who she could talk to, who she could see, where she could work and what she could buy”said the lawyer Eric Doolittle in a court document.

defense of Clark She claimed that Butler once beat her after breaking a rule and forced her to quit her construction job because he didn’t want her to have contact with other men.

Likewise, on several occasions he threatened to kill her by holding a gun to her head.

The crime

On March 5, 2020, Clark shot his partner multiple times after arguing. “I shot him because he hit me”the woman pointed out to the court.

That day, a neighbor heard shots so she decided to notify the police, who immediately went to the couple’s house. At the residence, authorities found Butler’s body lying on the floor with multiple gunshots to the head and body.

Clark She would point out in her interrogation that her boyfriend assaulted her at home after having found her talking to a man in a convenience store.

She grabbed a gun, followed him into the bathroom, and shot him in the chest as they screamed. He continued to unload the gun until he ran out of bullets, picked up another gun and shot her in the head.

All in the presence of his 5-year-old son.

“The defendant stated that she ‘wanted (Butler) to stop talking’”stated the complaint.

When she was arrested, the woman showed signs of having been beaten, police said.

However, this was not a sufficient argument to prevent the court from sentencing her to 25 years in prison for second-degree murder.

The defense attorney pointed out that the court did not take into account that the woman suffered from “battered woman syndrome”.

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