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Spain “categorically rejects unjustified” statements by AMLO

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, stated this Thursday that Spain “categorically rejects the unjustified statements” of the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for the abuses that the president claims to have perceived by some Spanish companies.

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“We have just issued an official statement in which the Government of Spain emphatically rejects the unjustified statements of the president of Mexico in recent days, both yesterday and today, where he has spoken again about Spain and on Spanish companies”, Albares told the press in Brussels after holding various meetings at the headquarters of the European Commission.

The Spanish politician said that “it must be very clear that the Government of Spain is going to defend the Spaniards, the good name of Spain and its companies in any circumstance and against anyone”.

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Lopez Obrador He denied this Thursday that there is “a rupture” with Spain, but his proposal for a “pause” in relations has created a new diplomatic and commercial confusion with Spain.

The president did not clarify what the “pause” will consist of, but argued that it is because the “political power” of Spain has supported companies that “abused Mexico”, among which he cited Iberdrola, Repsol and OHL because, according to him, were “favorites” of previous governments.

“The government of Spain It has not carried out any action that leads to making such a statement,” Albares emphasized.

The head of Spanish diplomacy stressed that relations between Spain Y Mexico “they are sustained by very deep human, cultural, linguistic, historical, economic ties”, and recalled that Spain is the second largest investor in Mexico and that Mexican investment in Spain “already reaches 25,000 million euros”.

“There are thousands, literally thousands of Spanish companies in Mexico and there are more and more Mexican companies in Spain,” he stressed.

He considered that the increase in trade relations and investment between the two countries, “which has not stopped growing every year for a long time”, as well as “the wishes of two brother peoples”, ask that Spain work “for excellent relations with Mexico but, yes, based on respect and, of course, without this type of demonstration”.

Albares affirmed that on Wednesday night he already spoke with his Mexican counterpart about the situation and that, in any case, Lopez Obrador today “he has made it clear” that “that word ‘pause’ certainly does not lead to any kind of rupture”.

“All those kinds of ties… but if we look at the economic ones, since there was a lot of talk about Spanish companies, what they indicate is that what governments must do is strengthen those relationships, in no case pause them, (but) accompany them”, pointed.

At the same time, Albares said that “nobody should be fooled” and that the Government of Spain “will always and before anyone defend the interests of the Spanish people, their companies and the honorability of Spain.”

Regarding the meetings held today with the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, and the executive vice president of the European Commission and head of Trade, Valdis Dombrovskis, he said that they dealt with the “need” that they be ratified ” definitively” the free trade agreements negotiated with Mexico, Chile and Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay).

“Because Spain It will always support Mexico as it supports all the sister countries of Latin America in the European Union”, he asserted.

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