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New Zealand tries to disperse anti-vaccine protesters by repeating “Macarena” and “Baby Shark” ad nauseam

The authorities of New Zealand They have reproduced the song “Macarena”, “Baby shark” and the hits of the American singer Barrry Manilow on a loop to try to discourage the hundreds of protesters who occupy the outskirts of Parliament this Sunday for the sixth consecutive day to protest against the mandatory nature of the vaccines for coronavirus.

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According to the New Zealand Herald newspaper, The president of the Parliament of Wellington, Trevor Mallard, began on Saturday to play the song composed by Los del Río in 15-minute cycles at high volume and on a loop along with Manilow’s hits and educational messages about the covid-19 and the importance of vaccinations.

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But nevertheless, protesters responded by playing music on their own speakers to neutralize the sound of the public address system and honking the horn of a truck to keep alive this protest against mandatory vaccinations, inspired by Canadian truckers for blocking the international bridge that connects Canada and the United States.

The dissuasive measure has caused a multitude of reactions on social networks, including that of the British singer James Blunt, who, in an ironic message on Twitter, asked to be taken into account if the chosen music does not work.

Neither these non-violent pressure measures nor the storm that has hit Wellington since Saturday, with heavy rains and winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, made the hundreds of protesters who have been camped in front of Parliament for six days desist.

New Zealandwhose government implemented one of the strictest strategies against covid-19 in the world with confinements with few infections and the closure of international borders, accumulates 19,777 covid-19 infections and 53 deaths, and has 94% of the population target with the complete guideline.

The Government of Labor Jacinda Ardern, who was applauded worldwide at the beginning of the pandemic for her management of covid-19, has announced the staggered reopening of international borders, which will include foreign tourists between July and October.


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Source: Elcomercio

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