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Ukraine and Belarus agree visits of military attaches to war exercises

Defense Minister of BelarusViktor Khrenin, and his counterpart from UkraineOleksii Reznikov, discussed today in a telephone conversation measures to “strengthen the climate of trust and security in the region” and agreed to an exchange of military attaches to two exercises in both countries.

“In the interest of increasing confidence, the parties agreed to a visit by the military attaché of Belarus to Ukraine to attend exercises Zametil 2022 (Snowstorm) and of the Ukrainian attache to Belarus to witness the maneuvers Allied Determination 2022″according to a statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense quoted by the Inerfax-Ukraine agency.

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Reznikov assured that there will be no provocation or threat from Ukraine to Belarusbecause that is “simply impossible”.

The same was communicated to him by his Belarusian counterpart, according to the Ukrainian side.

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“The parties discussed issues of the current state of cooperation in the military field, the critical points, as well as concrete steps to strengthen the climate of trust and security in the region”, noted, in turn, the Belarusian Defense Ministry in a note.

Khrenin told his Ukrainian colleague that “the people of Ukraine have been and will be a brother people for Belarus.”

The Zametil-2022 maneuvers began on February 10 at various military sites in Ukraine in response to joint Russian-Belarussian exercises that have raised alarms in Kiev and NATO, which fear a Russian invasion.

Russia denies plans to attack Ukraine and has assured that its soldiers will return to bases once the Allied Determination 2022 exercises are completed, something that is scheduled for February 20.


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Source: Elcomercio

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