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Cristina Fernández: “That England dedicate itself more to its people”

when they are fulfilled 32 years since the start of the Falklands WarPresident Cristina Kirchner took advantage of the official ceremony at the Casa Rosada to launch harsh questions at the government of Great Britain, stating that “It would be good if they dedicate themselves less to war and more to their people”.

by national chain, The Head of State once again demanded that the United Kingdom respect the United Nations resolution which orders a dialogue on the sovereignty of the islands and announced the launch of a $50 bill game in commemoration of the deed.

Before his speech, he exhibited a flag raised in Malvinas for 36 hours in 1966. It was in the well-known Operative Condorwhen an Aerolineas Argentinas plane, which had been diverted by a group of Peronist militants, landed in the archipelago.

The head of state also renewed the request for the identification of 123 NN bodies, Argentines who died on the islands. “There is a moral and patriotic obligation to honor the memory of heroes“, he pointed.

More information in “La Nación” of Argentina.

Source: Elcomercio

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