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Which are the Russian Strategic Deterrent Forces that Putin put on “high alert” in response to NATO

the president of Russia, Vladimir Putinordered today to put the “deterrence forces”, which include the nuclear ones, in a “special service regime” in response to “aggressive declarations” by the main NATO countries, in the middle of the Russian military offensive against Ukraine.

The Russian Strategic Deterrent Forces they are made up of the Strategic Offensive Forces and the Strategic Defensive Forces, as cited on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

The Strategic Offensive Forces have intercontinental missile complexes in their arsenal and long-range aircraft and are made up of the strategic nuclear forces, which include the Strategic Missile Troops.

In addition, they include the Strategic Conventional Forces as dual-use forces: strategic and long-range bomber units, submarines, ships, and missile-carrying aircraft of the Russian Navy with long-range and precision weapons.

The Strategic Defense Forces are composed of aerospace defense forces and assets, including a missile attack warning system and a space control system, anti-missile defense, and space defense. It also includes anti-aircraft defense forces and means.


Source: Elcomercio

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