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Ukraine warns that Belarus may join the Russian invasion

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warned today that the Belarusian Army may soon join the invasion launched by Russia last February 24.

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“Belarus, as a satellite of Russia, welcomes enemy troops and weapons on its territory. It is likely that from now on it will be able to support the Russian invaders in the Russo-Ukrainian war and help achieve the occupiers’ objectives,” Defense said in a statement.

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He added that since last February 24, when Russia attacked Ukraine, systematic missile attacks on military and civilian installations have been carried out from the territory of Belarus.

“Today it is observed that the Belarusian troops have been placed on alert and are concentrated in regions very close to the Ukrainian border,” the military statement underlines.

According to data from the Ukrainian military intelligence, in the past 24 hours “significant activities” of aviation and movement of columns of vehicles with supplies and food were detected along the Belarusian cities of Baranovichi, Liajovichi and Pinsk, the latter about 20 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

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