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Russia announces capture of Kherson in southern Ukraine and there is fighting in Kharkiv

Russia announces capture of Kherson in southern Ukraine and there is fighting in Kharkiv

Russia announces capture of Kherson in southern Ukraine and there is fighting in Kharkiv

Russian troops on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the capture of the port city of Kharkiv in southern Ukraine and the siege of several other towns on the seventh day of an invasion that, according to the Ukrainian president, seeks to “erase” the country.

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What’s more, Russia dropped paratroop units into Kharkov – the country’s second largest city – where Ukrainian forces reported street fighting.

This city of 1.4 million inhabitants and close to the border with Russiaalso suffered a bombardment that caused at least four deaths and nine injuries, according to the relief services.

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An AFP journalist reported damage caused by shelling against buildings belonging to the security services and a university.

“They have the order to erase our history, to erase our country, to erase us all,” Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky denounced in a video.

After the attack that caused five deaths against the Kiev television tower, near the site where 30,000 people were massacred during World War II, most of them Jews, Zelensky called on that community “not to remain silent”.

“Nazism is born of silence. Then go out yelling about the killing of civilians. Shout about the murders of Ukrainians,” said the president, a 44-year-old former comedian and Jew.

– “War crimes” –

Ukraine has recorded 350 civilian deaths – including 14 children – since the beginning of the conflict, which led to Kyiv to request a hearing at the International Court of Justice in The Hague to denounce war crimes.

Along the same lines, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson affirmed on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is guilty of “war crimes” and the day before, during the State of the Union address, US President Joe Biden branded him of “dictator”.

According to the UN, some 874,000 refugees have fled Ukraine since the start of the invasion, a number that is rising rapidly.

“We left everything behind when they came and ruined our lives,” Svitlana Mostepanenko, who sought asylum in the Czech Republic, said in Prague.

The Russians are even bombing “houses where there are children, small children, there are children dying right now,” he lamented.

Satellite images show that Russian forces continue to concentrate artillery and armor in the direction of Kiev, raising fears of an assault on the capital.

“The enemy is moving his forces closer to the capital,” Mayor Vitali Klitschko said. “Kiev resists and will resist. We are going to fight”, promised the charismatic former boxer.

In the midst of psychological warfare on both sides, the Ukrainian army announced that it will hand over Russian soldiers captured at the front to their mothers.

“Unlike Putin’s fascists, we Ukrainians are not waging war against mothers and their captured children,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said.

– Russian delegation ready to negotiate –

The Kremlin spokesman said on Wednesday that there is a delegation of Russian negotiators ready to continue the dialogue with Ukraine, after the failure of a first cycle of talks on Monday.

“Today, around sunset, our delegation will be at the place (of the discussions). We are going to wait for the Ukrainian negotiators,” Dmitri Peskov told reporters.

Putin has explained that the invasion is aimed at the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of Ukraine, which seeks to get closer to the West, NATO and the EU.

The Russian president also demanded guarantees that NATO will not continue to expand eastward and that Ukraine’s entry into the military alliance will be vetoed.

As the number of civilians killed by the conflict rises, opposition to the war grows within Russia where there are thousands of detainees for peace protests.

This Wednesday the opponent Alexei Navalni – who is imprisoned and facing trial – called on his compatriots to “take to the streets and fight for peace.”

– Oil soars –

To the wave of sanctions, diplomatic boycotts and vetoes to the participation in sporting and cultural events was added in the last hours the announcement that the United States was closing its airspace to Russian planes.

Biden claimed that Putin “is more isolated from the world than ever” but insisted he will not deploy troops on the ground.

Due to the barrage of Western sanctions, the main Russian bank Sberbank announced its departure from the European market, noting that its subsidiaries face “irregular outflows of funds and threats to the security of their employees and branches.”

The crisis caused an escalation in oil prices and the decision of the cartel of the 23 OPEC+ producing countries – a group that includes Russia– By keeping the supply almost intact, it sustained prices that exceed 110 dollars per barrel, unprecedented values ​​for more than seven years.

The price of oil is worrying at a time of high world inflation due to the recovery after the pandemic. The Federal Reserve in the United States warned that the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine are “highly uncertain”.

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