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Are Russian soldiers looting Ukrainian shops?

Are Russian soldiers looting Ukrainian shops?

Are Russian soldiers looting Ukrainian shops?

You might think it was a hoax. Videos of Russian soldiers who loot grocery stores and seize all the food possible have been swarming on the Web for a few hours. After trying to match on Tinder, Russian soldiers are now on the shelves of supermarkets in Ukraine. But one question remains, are we dealing with a handful of kleptomaniacs in fatigues or just a hungry army?

A week after the offensive ordered by Vladimir Putin, the Russian army seems to be bogged down in Ukraine, as explained to us by retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, former commander of American forces in Europe. Even if they progress in the south and the east of the country, the Russian soldiers have not succeeded in taking Kiev, with a huge convoy which is standing still at the gates of the Ukrainian capital.

Among our colleagues at franceinfo, it was Dominique Trinquand, military expert and former head of the French military mission to the UN in New York, who made the same observation: “The Russian army has always had logistical problems. Visibly short of gasoline but also and above all of supplies, the soldiers of multi-billionaire Vladimir Putin therefore seem reduced to looting.

If for some tweeters these soldiers are none other than Ukrainians in disguise, the growing number of videos of the genre on the social network suggests that Vladimir Putin’s army is in need.

Source: 20minutes

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