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The United States suspends its nuclear missile tests to send a message to Russia

United States postponed this Wednesday the launch tests of three Minuteman nuclear missiles scheduled for this week to send to Russia the message that it is not going to go its way, after Moscow put its nuclear arsenal on alert in the context of the invasion of Ukraine.

This was announced at a press conference by the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirbywho stated that it is not a decision “taken lightly”, but that it seeks to teach that the United States “is a responsible nuclear power.”

“To demonstrate that we have no intention of taking actions that could be misconstrued, the Department of Defense has ordered that test launches be postponed for three intercontinental missiles minute man scheduled for this weekKirby said.

After launching the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his nuclear forces to be placed on “special duty regime”.

In a press conference this Wednesday, the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenexplained that the US government still sees “no reason” to raise its nuclear alert level in light of Putin’s words.

Blinken described as “the height of irresponsibility the announcement of the Russian president, whom he reminded that” a nuclear war cannot be won and should never be fought.

“Russia and the United States have long agreed that the use of nuclear weapons would be devastating for the entire world,” he insisted.


Source: Elcomercio

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