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Maduro calls the sanctions against Russia a “crime against the people” for its invasion of Ukraine

The president of Venezuela, Nicholas Madurobranded this Wednesday as a “crime against the Russian people” the measures taken by various countries after the invasion of Ukraine by the Eurasian country, although it did not catalog the warlike occupation attempt underway.

“Look what they’re doing with Russiait is a crime what they are doing against the Russian people, an economic war, they took them out of the system (of international interbank communication) SWIFTthey closed the airspace, they closed the commercial ties, they closed and prohibited the use of the dollar, what they are doing with Russia is crazy “he said during a government act.

The president, who he neglected to mention that these are measures taken after Russia’s invasion of Ukraineconsidered that the sanctioned country “is one of the great powers of the 21st century.”

In this regard, he considered that “The main form of war in the world is not military”but the economic one, based on “the indiscriminate and illegal use of the advantage of the dollar currency, of the financial system by the US and Europe” to “blackmail the world.”

“We know that one of the main forms of warfare by US imperialism is economic warfare, using the dollar, the financial system, the commercial system. Economic wars must cease and must end in the world”claimed, without mentioning, again, that the war in Ukraine began with a military invasion by Russia.

Finally, he reiterated that “the world’s problems must be resolved diplomatically and politically” to “preserve world peace.”


Source: Elcomercio

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