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US Sends Hundreds of ‘Stinger’ Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Ukraine for First Time to Fight Russians

United States has delivered hundreds of “Stinger” anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine for the first time in recent days, including 200 sent last Monday, CNN reported.

The chain, which cites as sources a US official and a member of Congress familiar with the matter, points out that earlier this year Washington authorized the Baltic countries, including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, to send US-made weapons to Ukraine, including the “Stingers”.

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But until now, the administration chaired by Democrat Joe Biden had refrained from sending this type of guided surface-to-air missiles with infrared sensors directly to Ukrainea country that since last February 24 has suffered the invasion of Russia.

Some members of the US Congress have been pushing for missiles to be sent.”Stinger” additional to Ukraine for months. And the Ukrainians have repeatedly asked for more weapons from United States., including anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons, remember the chain.

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The United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkentold reporters on Wednesday that right now Ukraine you can still receive the “vital defensive military equipment” you need.

According to CNN, there are different models and generations of missiles “Stingers” and the US administration has been pragmatic and has not sent the most advanced for fear that they could end up in Russian hands.

The United States is not the only country in the world that has decided to send weapons to Ukraine to strengthen its resistance against the Russian invasion.

The European Union has approved a joint weapons shipment program, but many of the countries in this bloc will also do so individually.


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