WorldMacron believes that "the worst is yet to come"...

Macron believes that “the worst is yet to come” in Ukraine, after receiving a call from Putin


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The French president concluded that “the worst is yet to come” in the conflict in Ukraineafter a telephone conversation with the Russian president, who expressed his determination to continue the offensive and that he could “take control” of the entire country, the presidency reported.

In a conversation that lasted an hour and a half, the Russian president Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macronthat the Russian operation is proceeding “according to plan” and that could “intensify” if the Ukrainians do not accept its conditionsthe French president’s office reported on Thursday.

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“The president’s forecast (Macron) is that the worst is yet to come, as a result of what the president told him Putin”, explained an adviser to the French president who wished to remain anonymous.

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The Elysée Palace, residence of the French presidency, indicated that the initiative for the telephone exchange between the two leaders (the third since the beginning of the invasion on February 24) was Putin’s, who wanted to “inform” Macron “of the situation and intentions, within the framework of a sincere dialogue” between these leaders.

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Macron responded to Putin’s accusations about Ukraine stating that “he made a serious mistake with the Ukrainian regime”, that “he is not a Nazi”. “You make up stories, you look for pretexts,” the French president would have told him, according to the Elysee, who insisted that he “do not lie to himself.”

“This interview made it possible to revisit disagreements, tell President Putin the truth”but also, “unfortunately”, to confirm “his determination to follow the military operation to the end”.

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“Ukrainians fight bravely. Nothing is guaranteed but the relationship of forces is very unbalanced”, the Elysée prized, while pointing out Macron’s “pessimism” at the end of the discussion.

The French president reaffirmed his intention to “tighten sanctions” against Russia, since it is “a very powerful tool, as seen in the fall of the ruble.”


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Source: Elcomercio

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