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Russia “is realizing the real cost of the war”, says Ukrainian negotiator

Russia “he is realizing the real cost of war” in the face of resistance ukrainianwith which the negotiations between the delegations of the two countries begin to be “constructive”, said a Ukrainian negotiator on Saturday.

Interviewed in Lviv (Ukraine) by the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, Mykhailo Podolyak, presented as a close associate of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said he was beginning to perceive a turning point in the Russian attitude towards Ukrainian resistance and international sanctions.

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“At the beginning of the war, (the Russians) insisted on total domination. They did not expect such a strong resistance from Ukraine”, declared.

just now “They are realizing the real cost of war. And we started having constructive negotiations.” added the man, who participated in the first two sessions of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine on the Belarusian border.

A third session of talks is due to take place on Monday, according to the Ukrainian delegation.

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The Russians “they lost very important amounts of equipment and personnel. Sanctions like never before destroy their economy. The country has become a pariah on the international scene and its propaganda does not work”, he pointed.

Podolyak also reiterated the request to establish a no-fly zone above Ukraine rejected by NATO, which provoked a strong reaction from Zelensky, who reproaches the Atlantic Alliance for giving “green light for the bombing to continue.”

While emphasizing that the two parties agreed not to discuss the details of the negotiations, the official indicated that the Ukrainian objectives continued to point to an immediate ceasefire, security guarantees that Ukraine would not be attacked again and compensations “significant” for the loss of human life and damage to Ukrainian cities.


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