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Russian plane en route to the US to pick up diplomats accused of espionage

A plane Russian landed on saturday United States to search for diplomats from the Moscow mission to the UN expelled by Washington after accusing them of “espionage”, authorities said.

United States closed its airspace to Russian aircraft as part of the sanctions imposed against Moscow for the invasion of Ukraine.

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However, an Ilyushin IL-96 landed in Washington, according to the Flightware site, which tracks all air traffic.

“The government of United States gave the green light to this plane chartered by the Russian government to facilitate the departure of personnel from the Russian mission” to the United Nations, a State Department spokeswoman told AFP.

This “exception” Its objective is to guarantee their departure and that of their families on the stipulated date, before March 7, he added.

Ukrainian intelligence arrests a pro-Russian group in the west of the country

United States announced on Monday the expulsion of “twelve intelligence agents of the Russian mission who abused” of his diplomatic status in United Statesby engaging in espionage activities.”

The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonovthen denounced “hostility” against your country.

The Russian mission to the UN has a hundred officials, according to a diplomatic source from that country.


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Source: Elcomercio

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