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President of Georgia asks not to give in to “psychological warfare” of the Russian Government

the president of GeorgiaSalome Zurabishvili said today that the world must not give in to “psychological warfare” that the Russian Government has launched and that is manifested in its declarations on nuclear weapons, although it recognized that there are reasons why “we are all worried about what Russia could do”, particularly neighboring countries.

“The mention of nuclear weapons is part of psychological warfare, let’s not give in to this and I think we have the model in the resistance of the Ukrainians and their leaders, who show no panic and remain at their posts”declared the head of state in an interview with Swiss public television from Tbilisi.

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Georgian and Russia had a war in 2008, after which Russia it recognized the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia (about 20% of its territory) as independent.

“Everyone is worried and everyone is right to be worried about what he might do Russia and that can involve any region adjacent to Russia from the moment you try this kind of total war, but that does not mean that you have to lose your calm or direction”Zurabishvili said.

The president said that Georgia does not feel more threatened now than before the war waged by Russia on Ukraine, “since we have two occupied regions and where there are Russian military bases”

He opined that the Ukrainians are “stopping” to Russiawhat “It has not achieved its immediate war objective, which was to obtain the surrender of Ukraine in two or three days.”

The European Union today agreed to start the process for UkraineMoldova and Georgia can become members of the community club in the future, following the request that these three countries made to Brussels last week.

In this regard, the Georgian president maintained that the war in Ukraine has raised awareness “to many European countries and to the instances that direct the EU that it is necessary to respond differently to the waiting countries that are on the border of Europe”, whose accession candidatures collide with bureaucratic procedures.

He also criticized the lack of firmness that the West showed for years against Russia.

“Despite the aggressions, the invasion of Crimea or Georgia, the West has always responded by trying to find a way to calm Russia, how not to provoke it. That alone has emboldened her to keep going and now we see that Russia He only sees one thing: the correlation of forces”.

The President of Georgia said that the people and Government of Ukraine they are giving “an example of courage and tenacity rare in today’s world” and that President Volodymyr Zelensky “He deserves our admiration because from his bunker he defends his country, sovereignty and also our freedom.”


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