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Russia-Ukraine War: Biden admits that “defending democracy” will cost citizens

the president of United States, Joe Bidenacknowledged on Tuesday that “defending democracy” against the Russian invasion of Ukraine It will mean “costs” for Americans, referring to the notable increase in fuel prices recorded in recent days.

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“Defending democracy is going to involve costs, and it is going to involve costs for us as well”asserted Biden In a speech at the White House, in which he announced the ban on imports of oil and natural gas from Russia.

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In this regard, he stated that will do everything possible to minimize the increase in energy prices in the US.

Biden listed a series of measures that his government has taken to this end, in coordination with allies, such as the release of 60 million barrels of crude oil from joint oil reserves, and warned oil companies that he will not tolerate their profiting from of the current situation by inflating prices.

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“We are approaching record levels of oil and gas production in the US.”he indicated.

Biden considered that this crisis serves as a reminder of the importance of the US being independent from an energy point of view.

“It should motivate us to accelerate the transition to clean energy”, said.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, was on Monday in favor of the international community approving cancel purchases of Russian oil.

The ban on energy imports from Russia by the US adds to the economic sanctions recently adopted against Moscow in coordination with European partners, including restrictions on the international operations of the Russian central bank and the suspension of certain banks Russians of the international SWIFT system.


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