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Lack of control in an outlet in Argentina: a well-known handbag brand made a sale and the shocking videos went viral on networks

When we watch the videos of Black Friday in the United States, we are used to seeing hundreds of people running madly through technology stores. Some have spent all night at the door and others are willing to push, pull and even steal the products they want to take home from the cart. But, whatever the reason, the feeling that pervades that photograph is one of despair.

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under the message of “This is also fashion”the Instagram user @vivalamodablog posted a post that could perfectly have been part of Black Friday but actually happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a discount fair. Collecting videos of different people who attended the liquidation, in each of the records the same thing is seen: employees leaving products on tables and consumers jumping up, pulling and carrying between five to ten bags per person.

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Beyond the opportunity (let’s think that, as the video says, a Jackie Smith bag averages 20,000 pesos or 181 dollars and during the discount there was a chance to access it for 5,000 pesos or 45 dollars), these types of events invites us to reflect on hyper-consumerism.

How, at a time when the sustainability and circular fashion movements are gaining so much strength, these things continue to happen where “buying for buying” reigns and leads. Because ultimately the question is not whether or not we want a nice bag, but how our day-to-day actions have a real impact on the ecosystem.


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Source: Elcomercio

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