WorldRussia-Ukraine war: Belarusian opposition calls for more sanctions against...

Russia-Ukraine war: Belarusian opposition calls for more sanctions against President Lukashenko


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A prominent opposition figure Belarusian in exile on Wednesday urged Western countries to strengthen sanctions against the president Alexander Lukashenko and his regime for supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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Lukashenko has backed the invasion by Russian Vladimir Putin’s forces by allowing him to launch attacks from Belarusian territory.

  • Ukraine rejects humanitarian corridors to Russia proposed by Moscow: Not an acceptable option”
  • Ukraine and Russia agree on a ceasefire for humanitarian corridors
  • The United States announces new sanctions against Belarus and Russian military entities

Although he has faced increasingly harsh sanctions since he violently cracked down on protests in Belarus following the 2020 election, denounced as fraudulent, his critics are calling for more.

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“Lukashenko deserves far more global opprobrium than he has received,” Pavel Latushko, a prominent Belarusian dissident based in Poland, wrote in The New European newspaper.

“He may be a pawn of Putin. But he is also a major player in this horror show, and it is time for the West to take notice and act accordingly. Both monsters must be held accountable,” he added.

Latushko, who fled repression at home, has written an open letter to world leaders urging them to replicate recently imposed sanctions on Russia in Belarus.

He also wants the international community to consider including Lukashenko in any indictment for war crimes in Ukraine, pointing out that dissidents have also been accumulating evidence of their brutal repression within their country.

  • Ukraine warns that Belarus may join the Russian invasion
  • Alexander Lukashenko, the controversial leader of Belarus and Putin’s strategic ally in the conflict with Ukraine
  • Belarusians approve reforms that strengthen Lukashenko’s powers
  • Macron asks Lukashenko to withdraw Russian troops from Belarus
  • Belarus will go to war if Russia is attacked, says President Lukashenko

Source: Elcomercio

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