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Belarus warns NATO peacekeepers in Ukraine would spark World War III

the president of BelarusAlexandr Lukashenko, warned today that Poland’s proposal to send a peacekeeping contingent from the NATO to Ukraine It could mean the start of World War III.

“Do you understand that this would be World War III? Do you think we would step aside?he stated, quoted by the BELTA agency.

The Belarusian President He called the Polish proposal “crazy,” noting that Warsaw continues to insist on sending some 100,000 troops to Ukraine.

“The situation is very serious, very tense. And we have to see and understand that.” he added.

This Wednesday, the foreign minister of RussiaSergey Lavrov warned that a deployment of peacekeepers from the NATO on Ukraine it would provoke military clashes between troops from Russia and the Atlantic Alliance.

“That will entail direct confrontations between Russian and NATO forces, something that we all would not like to avoid, but rather that we declare that they should not happen in principle,” Lavrov said during a university lecture.

Lavrov considered the proposal from Poland, one of kyiv’s main allies and the destination of millions of refugees from the neighboring country, a provocation, and which he also accused of harboring territorial ambitions in Ukraine.


Source: Elcomercio

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