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Mexico is not a “colony of Russia”, says president after US warning

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said this Friday that Mexico It is not a “colony of Russia” nor does it tolerate illegal activities by foreigners, after the United States warned of a growing presence of Russian intelligence personnel in this country.

Mexico it is a free, independent, sovereign country. We are not a colony of Russianeither from China nor from United Statesaffirmed the leftist president in his morning conference, underlining that his government does not allow foreigners to carry out activities outside the law.

Lopez Obrador In this way, he answered questions from the press about the statements made by General Glen VanHerck, head of the United States Northern Command, about the fact that in Mexico there is the largest portion in the world of members of the Russian military intelligence organization, known by its abbreviation GRU .

“They keep a very close eye on their chances of influencing the opportunities and access that the United States has.”the officer assured Thursday before the Senate, where he was consulted on the challenges facing the United States on the border with Mexico, where criminal groups operate.

Lopez Obrador He stated that he has no information about the presence of Russian spies in Mexico and that he is respectful of the opinions of the US military command.

The president, who maintains a fluid relationship with the government of President Joe Biden, recalled that his government follows a policy of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries and rejects espionage practices.

“We are not going to Moscow to spy on anyone, nor are we going to Beijing to spy on what they are doing in China, nor are we going to Washington”, Held.

In the same hearing in the US Congress, the head of the Southern Command, Laura Richardson, declared herself impressed by the way in which Russia and China “They are aggressively expanding their influence in our neighborhood.”

The Mexican government condemned the Russian invasion in Ukrainebut rejects the possibility of joining the international sanctions against Moscow.

This week, a minority party allied with Lopez Obrador promoted a Mexico-Russia friendship group in the Chamber of Deputies, which sparked criticism from the opposition and from the US and Ukrainian embassies.

Source: Elcomercio

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