WorldIn Venice, cruise ships now banned from entering the...

In Venice, cruise ships now banned from entering the historic center


Cruise liner in Venice. – SUPERSTOCK/SUPERSTOCK/SIPA

The liners will no longer be able to approach the iconic Saint Mark’s Square in Venice and will for the moment be forced to drop anchor at the city’s industrial port. This is the announcement made on Thursday by the Italian government.

It is a decision taken “in order to protect a cultural and historical heritage which belongs not only to Italy, but to the whole world”, declared the Ministers of Culture, Tourism, Environment and Infrastructures, in a joint press release.

What solution for the circulation of large ships?

They stressed that the industrial port represented a “temporary” solution. They also “launched a call for contributions” to find “a definitive solution to the problem of the circulation of large ships in Venice” by creating a new terminal outside the lagoon of the historic city.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the liners poured millions of visitors to Venice every year, still further weakening the historic city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several incidents involving cruise ships have taken place in recent years.



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