WorldMotorist crushes two men who had just stolen his...

Motorist crushes two men who had just stolen his watch


The two thieves tried in vain to escape on a scooter (illustration). – Bony/SIPA

An Italian motorist chased, knocked down and crushed two men riding a scooter, killing them instantly after they had just stolen his watch, media reported on Saturday. The facts occurred Friday evening near Naples (south), when two men aboard a powerful scooter threatened a motorist with a handgun to steal his Rolex brand watch.

The two suspected thieves were not at their first attempt

The 26-year-old victim then engaged in a high-speed chase, crashed into the scooter and crushed his attackers. Then, he abandoned his vehicle and presented himself to the Marano riflemen, in the Neapolitan suburbs. His statements were corroborated by witnesses, reports the daily The Corriere della Sera.

The two suspected thieves, aged 30 and 40, were notorious delinquents with a heavy judicial record. A pistol whose serial number had been erased, as well as a watch, were found at the scene of the accident.



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