WorldApple Expands List of Independent Repairers Worldwide

Apple Expands List of Independent Repairers Worldwide


In front of an Apple store. (drawing) – Norikazu Tateishi / AP / SIPA

Apple continues to open up. The American giant has decided to extend its program of independent repairers to more than two hundred countries. Almost all the countries where its products are sold, specifies the manufacturer. This means for the inhabitants of these countries that it will no longer be necessary to go through a store of the brand to carry out certain repairs.

This program was first launched in 2019 in the United States and then extended to Europe and Canada in 2020. The new independent repair centers will be added to the 1,500 already in existence. Once admitted into the circle of Apple Independent Repairers, professionals will have access to genuine parts, tools, repair manuals and diagnostics. They will be able to repair an iPhone or iPad without deactivating functions or breaking the warranty, specifies 01Net.

Fewer authorized repairs

But independent repairers are not in the same boat as Apple Stores or authorized repairers. They benefit from a lower number of spare parts. They can provide their customers with batteries or displays, which solves the majority of the problems that users encounter. For some breakdowns, the user will have to turn to Apple’s official repair network.

Candidates from around fifty countries are already authorized to take the lead. Australia, Japan and Brazil are in this group. The others will have to wait a little later in the year to become independent suppliers. This is the case of China, Argentina, Algeria or Morocco. To verify that a repairer is authorized by Apple, you can go to this page by entering the name of the company, its city and its country.



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