WorldChild takes over Nuclear Weapons Command Twitter account

Child takes over Nuclear Weapons Command Twitter account


Twitter illustration — SOPA Images/SIPA

Nuclear code? Pentagon hack? Conspiracy? A tweet, consisting of punctuation marks and a succession of letters, was posted on Sunday on the US Army Strategic Command’s Twitter account, causing confusion.

“; l ;; gmlxzssaw, ”, could read the Net surfers on Sunday on the official account of the charged command military control of the entire American nuclear arsenal (Stratcom), before the tweet is deleted.

The account manager in teleworking

With all due respect to crypto enthusiasts, the mysterious message was simply gibberish, written by a child who grabbed the military’s Twitter account for a few minutes, Stratcom told a US media reporter. Daily Dot.

“The head of the military command’s Twitter account, who was telecommuting, left the account open and unattended for a few moments. Her young child took advantage of the situation and started playing with the keyboard and, unfortunately, and without realizing it, posted the tweet, ”a Stratcom spokesperson detailed in a statement. “Absolutely nothing bad happened, that is to say no hacking of our Twitter account,” he added.



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